Astrology and all that Jazz

Ok so, everybody that knows me really well will know that I’m quite big on Astrology. I have a star sign fanatic sister who will not let me go one day with out debating and researching all things astrological. It’s quite funny how may never remember a new persons name but I will always remember their star sign. Right well what is my star sign I hear you ask, well I’m a Capricorn.

Being a Capricorn makes me, down to earth, opinionated, career driven, independent, self reliant, fun loving, terribly sarcastic, honest, loyal, dry humoured and a hard working individual. Whatever I do, I do it to my best ability and our perfectionist ways will not let up.

The polar opposite for Capricorn is the Cancer sign. We get along well with other earth sigh such as Taurus and Virgo but are just as compatible with water signs such as Pisces and Scorpio.

Most people do not know that their is a little bit more to Astrology than just your sun sign, there is also your moon sign and rising sign which makes you a lil bit different from your typical sun signs which answers the questions that some people ask e.g, “I’m a (any sign) and my friend is the same sign and we don’t see eye to eye”. This could be to do with your moon signs. A moon sign is the way you emotionally interact where as your rising sign is how You come across to others and appear. Any who that’s enough of my star sign babble. Hope it cleared up a few things for those that were confused 🙂



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