A repetitive groove…

Morning fellow bloggers, I’m a deep thinker and a logical one at that, which is a rare ability in this world. As promised, I am going to give you a first glimpse of the many thoughts that swim in my mind. So here it goes… After seeing the many actions of those that walk this Earth, I have come to the conclusion that people find some sort of happiness/pleasure in repeating their actions, whether towards others or habitually. I have asked the questions when speaking with others about their situations involving matters of the heart, why a person would want to continue doing something which their interest has pulled them up about?! Sounds inconsiderate doesn’t it?! Well in actuality, I had come to the understanding that these very people who were pulled up by their partner, apparently would give anything for a drama-free life when in reality these people are drama driven individuals.

So this is where the repetitive behaviour becomes the best source of action. Most people are rebellious souls, craving to be told not to do something, igniting a sense of power and control they feel they lack in their everyday lives. That empty space they feel drives them to begin to crave this within their personal relationships, creating a parent and child situation. All for what?! Attention! These people demand a lot of time & energy into nurturing their growing sadistic behaviour (which I frankly don’t care to have). Be weary of such individuals who seem to consistently let you down with the very thing you said you didn’t like, these individuals are not content and will use mental abuse to feel complete.

On the other side of the spectrum, we are all human, well at least I think we are and we all make mistakes but we need to actively portray our well evolved characters by plain simply apologizing for how our actions have made another feel. Now that’s consideration!


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