BBC & lil old ME!

So on Tuesday 20th August, I was invited to have a BBC tour. We were running late for the tour but managed to make it down there via cab, missing some of the tour. We were thoroughly checked on entry and our bags had to slide through a bag scanner giving me that airport feeling.

We were taken directly to the position where the rest of our tour was, which happened to be looking over a room where all the broadcasters worked. In my opinion, we did spend a little too long watching over them to the point where a member of the broadcast team seemed uncomfortable to eat his sandwich lol. Well all eyes were basically on him. But it was interesting to see how all the broadcasters work so closely together monitoring up to 3 screens at a time.

We viewed the production stage, a dressing room, created a radio broadcast story with props for sound effects and my favourite part of the tour had to be the part where I gave a news report with an on screen script which was played back to us.



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