For better or for worse!

So after seeing a picture of one my loves (imaginary) Robin Thicke groping a girl with his shirt loosened and a elated expression on his face to his wife’s disbelief, the question to me still stands. Why not stay single if you want to still mingle?!

Well, I know in this day and age some would say that as a generation we are all to quick to get divorced but I think why stay married if you are not committed and you are not going to take it seriously?!

As a person, if you do not feel you have enough control of yourself and of your temptations, why not communicate this with your partner first? Express where your heads at or how you feel the relationship is going. People are not direct enough, which often leads them to do the cowardly thing, perform infidelity.

To often people adopt the cliché, “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” attitude in order to lead a so-called “thrilling” lifestyle where keeping secrets and the possibilities of getting caught are a big turn on, when in actuality its a cop out.This kind of action marks the beginning of the idea that you feel that your partner is not of high or at least equal value. Why not give them the heads up, so that they can decide whether they actually want to be with you too?!

Well my theories are that people stay in these marriages frightened to admit that their relationship isn’t working because they think that this screams out failure to others when on contrary, it is only screaming out to themselves. The need to keep up appearances remains strong because society has made it quite unattractive to be a single person.

It appears that people think that when you are single you are not happy. You are not desired and as a result you are lonely. This is all a bunch of B.S to be quite frank. This thought is not by default through being single, these thoughts are only thoughts you CHOOSE to embark. We all CHOOSE how we want to feel about something and what we want to do. It all starts with YOU.

This is the main issue. A majority of people feel they need validation through the eyes, opinion and companionship of another. But what we need to first learn is to start solely with loving ourselves. This again is something which, society does not promote.

Monogamy is a beautiful thing, which is applied in order to build and develop a deeper connection. If this kinda depth is not for you then I feel it’s best not to promise such a commitment.

In my opinion, when we stay in something whether it be work, or in this case relationships, when we know its not making us happy, it’s a sign of weakness not a sign of weakness when we decide to move on. Some situations are here to make us evolve and learn so all we must do is be thankful for the experience because it is preparation for whatever is next in our lives!


*I take on board that this photo is suggestive and some may not feel it is evidence that infidelity is taking place but I will soon blog about this query also*

Feel free to share your opinions 🙂


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