Down to a Tea!

For many many years, I have loved herbal tea. My favourite use to be Peppermint tea from any supermarket accessible. But recently as I was snooping around my health food store, I came across a brand called Yogi Tea.

Yogi Tea have some very interestingly good organically grown teas. I bought a box which was for sore throats and what do you know, my throat felt better instantly. When I experienced this, I knew that it would be a good idea to stock up on the many varied teas that they offer. An add on as to why I like Yogi Tea is due to the fact that they have a Yoga position for you to perform on the bottom of every box.

Another tea brand that I came across was Pukka. Pukka bares a name from the Hindu translation to mean ‘authentic’ and it also is well known colloquial term for good quality. Pukka helps to contribute to foundation such as Fair Trade & FSC. Pukka has very similar teas to Yogi tea but tends to be a bit more higher in price.

Both teas stem from the practicing of Ayurveda which is Yogi Tea describe as “sensual pleasures with a balanced approach to overall well-being”. They both have very pure and natural ingredients which I recommend for all of those who like to lead a health conscious lifestyle. Supermarket teas, our relationship ends here!



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