Astrology Prevails!

After re-reading some pages from my book, How To Spot A Bastard By His Star Sign, I haven’t nodded my head or giggled so much since the first time I saw it. I have to say with me being quite big on astrology, I feel the authors Adรจle Lang & Susi Rajah couldn’t have said everything in this book any better than I would have. My personal favourite section is on the Pisces male. I can 100% say that with my history of attracting these males, Lang & Rajah have summed up this sign to a T!

With this book, I love how the authors express these males with no bars held. It’s also quite funny that they give advice on how to leave these males through the examining of their characteristics. A truly humours, honest book with conformational details for us astrology buffs. Dare to have a glare!



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