A wonderful day!

Yesterday My best friend came down from Manchester to see me. It had been a whole year since I last saw her but our communication has remained fluid throughout the year.

She treated me to a delicious meal but I was quite worried that I would not be hungry due to the meal (2 plates full) of Jamaican food, Indian food, African food & Eritrean food I had consumed but I have never been able to turn down a meal. Whilst I was relishing in my greed, I decided to have 3 of the best desserts on offer. Food is my passion!



So when I saw her we gave each other a big hug. It was much needed and it expressed the length of time we had not been in physical contact. We sat and engaged immensely back and fourth as we do for hours on end in our own little cubicle, just as well given the loudness of our voices!

I was ecstatic to inform her of my happiness due to the big changes and decisions I had made in my life. She was delighted to see this happiness beaming through my smile.

It was a wonderful day, filled with laughter, food, good company & one stuffed JoJo. What else could I ask for?!



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