Blurred Lines

As promised in my For better or For worse post which I discussed Married life based upon a photo of Robin Thicke, I am going to address the topic of infidelity and what it might mean to many.

When it comes to monogamous relationships, where does the lines become clearly crossed in regards to infidelity?! Well when a couple commit to monogamy some might say that the physical pleasures that the two people involved experience, do not embark on experiencing those pleasures with others outside of their union. But what are these physical pleasures?! These physical pleasures can involve kissing and sexual contact of any kind such as groping and spanking.

But Is flirting cheating? Well some people flirt as a natural part of their characteristics. Some people don’t even know that they are flirting! Some sources say that it’s good to flirt because it builds people’s levels of communication and confidence.

Flirting can be upsetting sometimes, no matter how innocent the flirters intentions are because again, some may feel that it crosses the lines of fidelity.

Lets talk a little on communication. Is infidelity only aligned with physical action or can it be a mental thing too? Well most people build deeper connections on a physical basis and then proceed to feel the need to get closer to another mentally & emotionally. But what if an attached person gets closer to another person mentally and emotionally, would we consider this cheating? If you found out that your partner was having long deep meaningful, intimate talks with someone of the opposite sex, would this enrage you as much as it would if you found out that they were in fact sleeping together?After all, both scenarios are a form of connection!

Me being devils advocate, I’m just displaying every angle of how blurred lines can appear in a relationship but its really up to the two individuals involved in the union to agree on what they consider to be a boundary crosser.

So to conclude, we may not agree with another persons actions because yes we do have our own opinions but in reality it does come down to the fact that we hold no position in that relationship so who are we to say when a line has been crossed? We do not know where that couple’s starting point of their barriers begins or finishes. So as long as the couple has communicated on these barriers and no ones feelings become trampled on, there shall be no blurred lines!


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