Rappers Masquerade 🎭

I have been a Hip Hop lover for as long as I can remember. Seeing it progress through the times of REAL Hip Hop to the times of being unworthy of my listening ears (now).

Hip Hop artists have been an inspiration for the youth whether they want to admit or not, often steering the youths, both females and males but mainly males into a spiralling road of unattainable disaster. In my dissertation, I even wrote about the changing beauty ideals in the Hip Hop culture but for this post I will steady my focus on a issue that the males face.

Rappers have made it of best regard to maintain a reputation and representation that clubbing, popping Mollys and promiscuity are the pinnacles of a mans life, channeling young males away from what’s really the importance in life. This is the very reason why Hip Hop has been on the back burner for me.

With all these scantily clad videos and champagne showers I always said to myself that these people can’t be for real?! These 30 something’s continuously living the club life, it’s just a bit of a disgrace! I always knew that this had just be an image that the industry expects them to project!

Well I’ve been watching some celebrity reality TV shows because I love me some American reality TV and I was not so surprised to find out that my thoughts had been confirmed. The artists life and his real life are not one of the same thing!

Old school Gangster rapper, Ice-T has a reality show with his wife called Ice Loves CoCo giving us insights to his extremely loving relationship on a daily basis. He surprised me because he once was affiliated with pimping and gangs yet he is the most loving, supportive partner I’ve ever seen in a male.

Another recent show I watched was Compton rapper The Game’s Marrying The Game. He also surprised me with his deep love for his high school sweetheart of 8 years. He’s quite a traditional simple male who provides for his family, excepts his girlfriend the way she is and all he wants in return is to be loved and cooked for. Yet they seem to still be unable to make it down the isle. Dirty South rapper T.I also has a reality show with his wife and their 6 children called The Family’s Hustle showing the things that he endeavours through his crossover from work to his real life.

It’s quite a shame that with all these rappers and their real lives that its almost seen as unattractive to promote their true selves and lifestyle within their music ultimately leading males to come to the ridiculous conclusion that monogamy and family life is not cool or something to strive for when really their favourite rappers are always in pursuit of normality! Truth of the matter is, is that these rappers are sensitive souls and they are not afraid to show this side to their spouses whether you know it or not. But their industry is designed to make you unaware of this.

It’s up to you to have your own ideals and your own desires and not follow what seems to be on trend, especially when it comes to your own happiness!



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