Recently watched: Baggage Claim

I recently watched Baggage Claim starring sexy Paula Patton, Jill Scott, Taye Diggs, Tia Mowry, Adam Brody, Christina Milian, Lauren London & Trey Songs. This movie is about a lady feeling pressured to hurry up and find a husband due to her pushy mother and her peers who are all Married with kids.

This movie touched on a subject that most women I know have felt or are feeling at this very moment in time, the pressure to settle down.

The main character played by Paula Patton finds herself on a mission to find herself a husband in time for her little sisters wedding in just 30 days. Whilst Patton desperately struggles to complete this mission, even covering old grown with past lovers, to her surprise she ends up with a proposition from her childhood, best friend whom lives just across the hall from her in her apartment.

The movie is a little predictable but the moral is quite inspiring. Just as Patton stopped looking for love and decided that she needs to focus on herself, love came running to her.

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far to find the very thing your looking for because it may just be in front of you.

Good performance from singer turned actress, Jill Scott. A romantic & funny movie.



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