Falling in Love all over again with… Beyonce

So as most people know, I have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce Carter. Apart of me says she should retire to married life and let the younger R&B stars have their moment to shine without having to compete against the title as the “Queen”, while another part falls in love with her when she comes back and gives us her passion and heart on a platter.

When I first heard about her secret album release, I thought, “Okay what’s this all about” but I was surprisingly overwhelmed with how good the songs were and the fact that she put 17 new videos to the album. She had done it again, she had made me fall in love with her!

This album showed a very grown side of Beyonce. A side we hadn’t really been able to physically hear or see. Songs such as Heaven allow us to feel more personal about Beyonce as it opens us up to her silent pain of having a miscarriage which has never been publicly addressed due to her being a very private soul. Rocket and Blow are both very sexual songs which both have very different spins as their videos confirm. Blow is very candyfloss, playful while Rocket has a more intimate twist. Flawless has that crunk, edgier appeal for when you just wanna get ready to go out and indulge in your own sexiness as the lyrics state “I look so good tonight, god damn, god damn”.

Mine is a song about declaring ones love for each other and not giving a damn who knows it. It is the only song on the album which features another celebrity, my dearly beloved Drake besides her husband. Their soft tones blend so beautifully.

I have a personal favourite track on the album and its entitled Blue. Blue is a dedication to Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. When I first saw the video for this song, I had a surprisingly overwhelming flow of emotions. This was the track which made me initially fall in love with her all over again. The video which is set in Rio de Janiero shows us a great amount of Beyonce and her only child playing sentimentally bare foot (insert, at the top). The song is so beautiful that every time I hear it I have a sudden urge to do something I never felt before which is to cry out in joy. You can feel the love and see the extreme love that Beyonce holds for her daughter and I cant wait for the chance to sing this song and lovingly attach it to my own daughter one day.

An album I don’t have to press the skip button to. She’s back and she’s on top form!


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