A reflection of the year 2013

I look back at the months over the last year and realise how much I’ve grown as a person. I feel proud of who I am becoming. I have learnt some life lessons like how much communication is a very vital key to any relationship and to always remember your self worth. I’ve apologised to those who may have brought the worst out of me, resulting in a firey backlash on my behalf and I’ve smoothed out a few cracks in my character.

Accountability is something we grow own in order to truly mature into our better beings. Without it, one lives their life in denial. You can never truly move on into new pastures if you do not own up to your part in every situation.

I have seen friends drop like flies making room for new, sincere relationships. I do believe our gut instincts are very strong and they have not lead me wrong this year.

I’ve graduated, quit my hellish job and passed my theory test. I’ve given support to young people and I have spread love wherever I’ve been. 2013 was a rather good year but a year that will not be missed. I am ready for the new challenges, lessons and growth that 2014 has to bring. Let the year begin!


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