Recently watched: Maleficent. “Magnificent Maleficent!”

Last week Saturday, I came back from Portugal with my sister which was my best holiday ever and it was back to my weekly commitments. One commitment in particular that I gain bundles of rewards from is Mentoring young people whom are Looked After in Care.

So I decided to surprise my Mentee by going and taking her to watch the film Maleficent which she said she wanted to see and I wanted to see it to due to Angelina Jolie starring in it.

When we left the cinema, all we could say was Wow, Wow, Wow. We left feeling so enchanted. The graphics were amazing and the storyline was consistent and moralistic.

The movie which is a spinoff of Disney’s classic, Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmother whom is in fact Maleficent. We are shown Maleficent from her child hood up until she becomes Sleep Beauty’s evil fairy godmother. The film explains the steps as to why Maleficent became so cold and heartless which was unfortunately due to her childhood sweethearts deception, removing her wings whilst she was asleep in order to become King and creating his own family in spite of her love for him.

Maleficent goes to see the blessing of her childhood sweetheart, Stephen’s only child, Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty for herself after being informed by a bird whom she uses throughout the film to be her “wings” to spy on the plans of Stephen and becomes so enraged and angry that she casts a spell for the child to fall a sleep on her 16th birthday after pricking her finger with a spindle wheel. The only thing that she cursed could break the spell was the kiss of true love. I won’t spoil the ending for you because it really is a must see movie.

This curse and hatred brought out the moral of the story which I explained to my Mentee, which is that people are not born evil or cold, something traumatising usually has happened to them which makes them have no empathy or care to others because they feel that they were not treated with care and empathy. There is the other option which is where the person may choose to grow from the experience and make sure that they give the care and empathy that they truly desired to others but in this movie they have given an example of the latter.

An action packed, magical story which kept us on the edge of our seat waiting to see what happened next starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent who is a fantastic actress in general and plays this role superbly.



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