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I decided to bring back a hobby that use to ground me. This is my first drawing in 7 years. It’s still in works because I am a perfectionist but I’m quite happy with it! #ivestillgotit


To hunt or be hunted?!

It has been commonly stated that men are hunters and what they truly desire, they will hunt for it like a starved wolf to no avail. We women should sit back and do the traditional thing, wait to be preyed on. But how much of this theory is actually true?

Me, an individual not very interested by rules but traditional with some of my views was discussing this topic with another rule bending close one. Her stance has been to go up and approach the one you like without a blink of an eye, whereas I have always held the traditional view that the male should make the first move. 

Well as I am much older than the age that I first adopted this view which was to partly cover up my low confidence and protect me from any possible rejection, I have started to question this ideology just a bit. 

I like to look at the world as a collective regardless of gender and I tend to look at both sides to every story to get a really clear objective. This being said, I have decided to look more into the feelings and thoughts of the males who are knowingly or unknowingly being held to this historical view. 

If you are not a confident person or quite frankly your love interest makes you quiver at the thought of “Hello”, how is it logically possible that you should be relied upon to hunt this being out. 

Does it make you less womanly for doing the job for him by making the first approach and does it make him less manly for not having the courage!? Well my friend has now decided that she is going to refrain from approaching guys because she feels that she is emasculating the very male that she wants due to taking on the “masculine role”. 

“The emasculation of men is taking place everyday with the lack of dependent women”, I was told by a woman at an inspirational event. This in turn could possibly be the reason that men approaching women is currently at an all time low. They simply feel unneeded and in my most recent experiences, I have learned that people love to be needed. 

Some men have said that they think there is nothing more sexy than a woman who knows what she wants, so why should a woman approaching a man be any different?

I do believe that the more rules the more complicated situations can be because it can leave less room for a natural flow, resulting in pressure and judgement to live up to the status quo. So I am a great believer in living life by your own standards which means going up to that cutie regardless of what sex you are and asking them out. You never know, maybe your prospective lover might have been praying to be hunted by you! 

Home Grown or Plastic Fantastic?!

No matter where you turn, you can not get away from the media. The media is suppose to reflect all the things that’s wrong with us and all the things that’s right with us or shall I say, all the things we should desire. 

Well, womanly beauty is everywhere. All over magazines, in music videos, on websites and on billboards. With the many platforms that beauty is advertised, the pressure is on to live up to the unachievable beauty demands. We have now calmed down on the breast implant stage and moved into the bum implant stage. Women with implanted or injected bums are now the rage. Gone are the days when a natural ample bottom such as Jennifer Lopez’s are more satisfactory. 

Now are the days where overly disproportionate bottoms are being bought in back streets at an accessible rate for any woman who desires it without a single contemplation as to what substance is being used. Some women have actually died from having concrete injected into their bottoms to achieve their bootylicious derrière where as others have suffered ruptures that have been near fatal. 

Nicki Minaj has been coined the new JLo of this era. I think this is a little far fetched seeing as one of them grew theirs and the other one achieved it over night on the operating table. I respect Nicki Minaj’s talent as an artist and I think she is a beautiful woman. I believe that everybody should have the prerogative to change what they do not like about themselves because I believe that everybody has a right to their own happiness but what I do not agree with is it being at another’s expense. 

Nicki has often made digs at other women’s body’s in her songs, calling women “skinny bitches” and “boney”. This is humorous yet unjust seeing as she was once a “skinny bitch” before she had her surgeries. Is it right to attack others who have the insecurities you once had but do not have the means to hold themselves in high esteem?!? That is a question that I feel some people should ask themselves before they try to upgrade themselves to the mean girl camp. 

Quite often on entertainment websites, I see them providing time to shed light on Rihanna’s or Karreuche Tran’s “struggle booty” but this just disgusts me. Fair enough a slimline physique may not be everyone’s cup of tea but to attack women because their bodies are not naturally built a certain way is just appalling. Women have so many things to be insecure about on their own, I don’t think they need anyone else adding their two cents to their list! 

I feel that women are beautiful in all their shapes and sizes. It’s all in how you work with what you were given. I would never rule plastic surgery out but I will always appreciate an authentic, natural body to a body perfectly sculpted with a scalpel. I think looking at these surgically enhanced bodies are interesting ways to see how the specifications of beauty have changed but we should never hail them over a homegrown body! That’s just my opinion, what do you think?