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My family, birthday meal 💗

I celebrated my 25th with a wonderful Thai birthday meal. I’m a very simple girl, so good food and good company is all I really need!


Homemade tastes of Thailand….

Growing up, I knew like some some I have a tremendous love for food. BUT Throughout my life I have come to realise that I have some allergies to certain foods which I absolutely love e.g Dairy but I have researched a few alternatives and it appears the foods created from Thailand are very tolerable for me. A favourite meal that I would often order is Masaman Curry which consists of meat of your choice, potatoes, onions, peanuts in a mildly spiced coconut paste. I have chosen to create my own at home with chicken, potatoes, coconut milk, minus the peanuts. Coconut milk is one of the best alternatives for dairy intolerant people. I make it often and I am still perfecting & experimenting my technique 🙂