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Its dull outside but its always bright inside!

Its important to start your morning off right. I’m doing just that with a breakfast packed with Pears, Kiwis, Peaches, Cherries, Avocadoes, Mango, Plums, Cucumber and Kale. Let the sun shine from within!


Happy Breakfast

This is what I call a full fresh breakfast. I have green packed smoothie made with Avocadoes, Kale and cucumbers. And the bowl consists of Grapes, Peaches, Cherries, Pears, Plums and Kiwis. Let the Happy Breakfast commence πŸ˜€


Down to a Tea!

For many many years, I have loved herbal tea. My favourite use to be Peppermint tea from any supermarket accessible. But recently as I was snooping around my health food store, I came across a brand called Yogi Tea.

Yogi Tea have some very interestingly good organically grown teas. I bought a box which was for sore throats and what do you know, my throat felt better instantly. When I experienced this, I knew that it would be a good idea to stock up on the many varied teas that they offer. An add on as to why I like Yogi Tea is due to the fact that they have a Yoga position for you to perform on the bottom of every box.

Another tea brand that I came across was Pukka. Pukka bares a name from the Hindu translation to mean ‘authentic’ and it also is well known colloquial term for good quality. Pukka helps to contribute to foundation such as Fair Trade & FSC. Pukka has very similar teas to Yogi tea but tends to be a bit more higher in price.

Both teas stem from the practicing of Ayurveda which is Yogi Tea describe as “sensual pleasures with a balanced approach to overall well-being”. They both have very pure and natural ingredients which I recommend for all of those who like to lead a health conscious lifestyle. Supermarket teas, our relationship ends here!


Filling up on Grass!

I have never been a fan of salad since being a child due to me feeling like it was rabbit food and unfulfilling. In later childhood years I had branded the name salad as Grass telling anyone who tried to offer it to me, “I do not want any Grass, thank you”. As I have matured the name Grass has become an ongoing joke of mine to those that know me. So for the rest of this post you shall understand what I mean if I mention Grass.

In recent years I have been very opened to Grass as I look for ways to take better care and take proactive action to improve my health.

Recently I celebrated a friends birthday at the Aspers Casino, Clary’s Restaurant, Stratford and was amazed by the Chicken Caesar Grass I ordered. It was just a starter but it was to my surprise a very filling starter a the picture shows. As our Grass arrived we all glared and wondered “If this is the starter, then how large is the main Chicken Caesar Grass?”. It was very delicious and most importantly, fulfilling. I have a large appetite so most people are fooled by my rather slim frame.

The ambience was soothing with candles and dimmed lights. Every meal orders was presented to extreme satisfactory an tastes just as good. We were a little disappointed that there was not a variety of drinks due to the fact that there was not a drinks menu, even for something as simple as orange juice. They gave us a flyer which had options of only wine or champagne and in order to request a non listed drink, we would have to go to the till point or find out how much it was. Apart from the drinks issue, it was a very nice place to dine πŸ™‚


A repetitive groove…

Morning fellow bloggers, I’m a deep thinker and a logical one at that, which is a rare ability in this world. As promised, I am going to give you a first glimpse of the many thoughts that swim in my mind. So here it goes… After seeing the many actions of those that walk this Earth, I have come to the conclusion that people find some sort of happiness/pleasure in repeating their actions, whether towards others or habitually. I have asked the questions when speaking with others about their situations involving matters of the heart, why a person would want to continue doing something which their interest has pulled them up about?! Sounds inconsiderate doesn’t it?! Well in actuality, I had come to the understanding that these very people who were pulled up by their partner, apparently would give anything for a drama-free life when in reality these people are drama driven individuals.

So this is where the repetitive behaviour becomes the best source of action. Most people are rebellious souls, craving to be told not to do something, igniting a sense of power and control they feel they lack in their everyday lives. That empty space they feel drives them to begin to crave this within their personal relationships, creating a parent and child situation. All for what?! Attention! These people demand a lot of time & energy into nurturing their growing sadistic behaviour (which I frankly don’t care to have). Be weary of such individuals who seem to consistently let you down with the very thing you said you didn’t like, these individuals are not content and will use mental abuse to feel complete.

On the other side of the spectrum, we are all human, well at least I think we are and we all make mistakes but we need to actively portray our well evolved characters by plain simply apologizing for how our actions have made another feel. Now that’s consideration!